The Videogamer Portugal Dispatch Pes 2014

It was on the eve of the arrival of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, and on the day we distributed our survey of the new test system from Konami, which we flew out to the home office of the operation PES 2014 with the goal available at the dispatch occasion this guarantees one of the best issues of later times.

No matter what, the questions about the way that it keeps on being a standout among the best sorts in Portugal makes are effectively wiped out because of the measure of people that joined the call. Individuals of all ages, individual real marathons hours of play, folks and kids who offer the same support and even parts of focused associations, we have seen a tad bit of everything, a heterogeneous mixture from the start, yet today imparted investment just to get down to the new PES.


Nature obviously male amazingness, incidentally cut by one or two different lovers and gutsy adolescent shrunk by the promoter of the occasion, passed on feelings like those watched effortlessly in willing foresight by midnight on the eve occasion. The air started made by two freestyle, talented with an uncommon ability for ball control, who entertained the gathering of people with their touches, until he could at long last leave the genuine ball aside and give your thoughtfulness about the set of pixels that make up the virtual universe of the amusement Kei Masuda.

In time the window ornament climbs on a feature discharge, which unites the best movements with strong points of view and a soundtrack to the event, components that served to make a more noteworthy feeling of association in the amusement. Minutes after the fact, the lines to get apetecida money close by expanded obviously, filled by the lucky ones who had the right to a duplicate of the diversion.

Later, when consideration has started to impart a tad bit of the many comforts introduced in the room committed to the occasion, the principle stage joined the genuine stars that went to the amusement ( the siblings who structure the twosome Anjos, Rui port or Pedro Nunes Fernandes are samples ), with the stars making up the squad virtual groups picked. In a hard battled Barcelona – Real Madrid, both sets in the long run depict some of this new offering arrangement – progressively far from the Portuguese football, with few groups and authority stadiums even less.

The principal responses in the room remained constantly on the positive side, with exceptional stress on the ” astounding ” new diversion mechanics executed from the new Fox Engine. Be that as it may there is no frightened, the following few days will be load with a great deal of preparing, with the goal of hitting companions in Online mode, or can ” embarrass ” one neighbor who demands rival us.