How to Avoid Lottery Scams

Online lottery has grown like wildfire due to the world of benefits it offers. But, a lot of people hesitate in participating because they have also heard the stories. There have been a ton of scams in regard to online lotteries and no one wants to waste their hard earned money when they don’t even get a chance to play. The good news is that there are ways to spot a lottery scam and avoid it. First things first, when you have made up your mind to participate, you need to find a good and reliable website. A simple search will provide you with a wide array of options, but not all of them can be trusted.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot find an authentic and legitimate online lottery website. For instance, Lottosend has a number of positive reviews that indicate its authenticity and reliability. Apart from this, there are some warning signs that can also help you in identifying if you are being scammed. What are they? Read on to find out the common ones:

  • You are told to pay upfront taxes

If you are being asked to pay a tax upfront, you should instantly know that it is a scam. This is because taxes are only applicable after you have won a prize in the lottery and not before. No fees or taxes should be collected before that happens. The only exception in this situation is the fee charged by a lottery agent for buying a ticket on your behalf, especially when you are participating in an international lottery. However, this information should be provided in the Terms of Conditions you are asked to accept when you sign up.

  • You are requested to share personal details through email

This is a 100% scam. It is a basic rule of privacy etiquette that you should never provide personal details to anyone through email. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also very much illegal. While these mails tend to look legitimate, they are usually sent in bulk and are only part of a scam.

  • You are sent a ‘Congratulations’ email

Even before you have participated in a lottery, if you receive an email congratulating you for winning, you need to immediately run in the opposite direction. Use common sense and think how you can actually win anything when you haven’t played at all? There are no lucky draws or such through which you can win unless you do participate.

  • You have to pay in order to win

There are a number of ‘secret’ formula programs that claim to give you access to a strategy to win the lottery. For instance, there might be a program that claims to let you in on what will be UK49s hot ball, but these are also scams because they will never help you win.

Other than that, if the prizes seem too good to be true or you are asked for administration fee, you need to stay away from such scams.