Guide to Spells in Clash of Clans

Spell can provide support for your troop in Clash of Clans. The spell factory is responsible for producing the spells. A spell factory can only hold a certain number of spells. If you want it to hold more spells, you must upgrade it. In the laboratory, you can also do research and create new spells that are more powerful. To make use of the full power of the spell, you must plan where and when you drop the spell.

It takes about 1 second for a spell to activate. For this reason, the spell must be put in a place where you estimate the troop will be. It is wrong to put the spell in where the troop is as the troop may leave the area before it is activated. Only one spell should be used at a time. Stacking 2 spells at a time can be wasting as the troop will leave before the spells achieve the full effect.

Clash of Clains

There are 10 types of spells in Clash of Clans including lightning, healing, rage, jump, freeze, clone, poison, earthquake, haste and skeleton. The Lightning spell is used to take down the opponent defenses and Clan Castle Troops. It takes about 3 lightning spells to destroy the air defense. Healing spell is used to help a troop stay alive during a battle. It is recommended that you use the healing spell on troops with a medium health otherwise they will die before getting healed.

Rage spell is the most popular spell used in Town Hall. Rage spell enables the troop to impact with an even more extensive damage in a faster speed. When the rage spell is deployed, it will draw a translucent purple ring around the friendly unit. Jump spell can be deployed on any ground troop to give the ability to jump over walls and reach the deep interior of the base. Jump spell is best used on doubled and tripled wall.

Freeze spell can temporarily disable a defense in the opponent Clan Castle. Freeze spell can affect both ground and air troops in a small radius. If the enemy is not in the radius at the time it is activated, he will not be affected even when moving into the area. Clone Spell can duplicate a troop in a certain radius. The cloned troop has equal features in all aspects and will only last for a certain timeframe. All troops can be cloned with a clone spell except heroes.

Poison spell is used primarily for damaging the opponent Clan Castle troop. Many players like to use poison spell in Clan war because it uses only one housing space. Earthquake spell can do damages to all types of buildings in the radius. Successive earthquake spells will do lesser damage compared to the first spell. Successive spells work more effectively on walls than on buildings. It takes 4 earthquake spells to destroy a wall of any level.

Haste spell allows troops in the radius to move at a faster speed. Haste spell is best deployed on high damage troops that move at a slower speed. Compared to a Rage spell, haste spell offers faster speed at the cost of half the housing space. The Skeleton spell can spawn skeletons to create distractions for the enemies. Skeleton spell is seldom used nowadays.