Develop a Premium Video Game Sample Without Training

If you’re just trying to be a Premium video game tester and want to leave your normal 9-5 job, then you want to listen up. Video game testing is a duty, not a hobby! Yes, it’s fun, it’s pleasurable, and it pays well — but that never mean you can just do what you need when you need. As with any other kind of employment, you have to do the jobs you are assigned in a timely, specialized manner.

Failing repetitively in your jobs will result in a loss of your testing duty, as well as any reference you might have added from that game developer. That said, surely put effort into your testing task if you want to go far as a video game sample. If you put in half-ass energy, you’ll get half-ass results, period!

Paid Video Game Tester

Come to be a Tester without Training

Believe it or not, game testers don’t need formal training of any type. Obviously, you’ll likely be more effective and climb up the ladder faster if you do really have training that’ll help in your game testing — but by no means is it “must have” requirement.

To be honest, you only want to have the following come to be a paid video game tester…

– Knowledge playing video games (The more the well)

– A good eye for points (IMPORTANT!)

– A high speed ¬†PC and/or a next-gen support (PS3 or XBOX 360) to complete your “tasks” on

– Internet connection and computer so you can send in testing results and get updates

– Must Be 18 years Old. Some corporations will make exclusions, but not many

If you can meet these necessities, or at least mostly of them, you “qualify” to be a premium video game tester. Does this mean you’ll qualify to get a job testing video games instantly? Unfortunately, no — it just means you are a individual game developers would seriously study hiring as a game tester.