Call of Duty : Mobile

call of duty mobile

The Best Shooter Game on Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD: Mobile) enlivens the list of shooter games on the mobile platform. The game that carries the FPS and battle royale genres can be played for free on Android and iOS.

The distribution itself is divided into European and American countries supported by Activision, for Asian countries by Garena, and China by Tencent Games.

That said, CoD: Mobile treats longing for veteran players or new players who used to play this game on PC.

In fact, CoD: Mobile is providing the experience of playing the Call of Duty franchise in general, which is released on a PC but packaged for the mobile platform.

What made this game so popular in such a short time? How interesting is this newcomer shooter game? Check out the review Call of Duty: Mobile below!

Shot Setting Options for Noob and Veterans

CoD: Mobile offers two-shot setting options, namely simple mode and advanced mode. You can try this option when starting the tutorial in Frontline mode and can be changed later.

The simple mode will make your weapon fire bullets automatically when the enemy is within shooting range or simply in front of the weapon.

Perfect for a noob who may not be too good at playing shooter games on mobile. Unfortunately, this option will make you wasteful because it consumes bullets.

An advanced mode is a manual option that is commonly used when playing shooter games on mobile where you have to press the bullet button icon on the screen to shoot.

This option is perfect for veterans or players who feel more comfortable when firing weapons by pressing the trigger button bullet icon.

Focus On Multiplayer Mode

At least, there are two popular shooter games that are being played in Indonesia, namely PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Just look at how crowded the pro player team that appeared in the esports tournament this year.

You can even find on a street corner or alley a few children are playing one of the two games. However, it seems that this will change because of the presence of CoD: Mobile.

Although it has a battle royale mode, CoD: Mobile actually focuses on the multiplayer mode. There are six multiplayer modes that can be played starting from Team Deathmatch who are looking for as many kills for the team up to the Bomb Mission which divides the team into attacking or defending positions.

Call of Duty Review: This mobile also provides a big highlight on the multiplayer mode which has a unique combat gameplay feature from Scorestreak which can be used as help that can be obtained after getting a certain score.

Scores can be obtained when doing Kill / Assist / Death and your death will reset the score from your Scorestreak. Examples of weapons are UAVs, Hunter Killer Drones, to Predator Missiles.

In addition, there are Skill Operators that can be used at any time and have a cooldown when finished. Cooldown will decrease faster when successfully doing Kill / Assist. And Perk as an additional ability that can be used by players.

Play Captain Price & Ghost on the Nuketown Map

Interestingly, you can play iconic characters like Captain John Price, the famous Special Air Service (SAS) regiment soldier using Boonie Hat or Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley as the operator of British Special Forces.

When fighting in multiplayer mode 5 vs 5, you can play it on classic maps such as Nuketown, Standoff, to Crossfire. It is very important to understand every map that exists to benefit the fighting position.

Character Class in Battle Royale Mode

Battle royale mode played is almost the same as other games. It’s just CoD: Mobile has a smaller map area and you can choose a character that is divided into several classes that have their own skills.

In addition, some locations on the map also have zombie enemies who will chase the player if they are around their area.

There are six classes that can be used starting from Clown, Defender, Mechanic, Medic, Ninja, and Scout. Clown lets you throw Toy Robots that can distract zombies and explode when touched.

The defender lets you put a large shield in front to block enemy fire. There is also a Ninja that can make you climb to the top of the building or move quickly using his grapple.

Call of Duty Review: This mobile also pays great attention to this character class, so you have to determine which character with the skill best matches your playing style and how to adjust cooperation between teams with different skills.

A Better Graphic Display

No doubt, CoD: Mobile has a graphical display that offers the best visual experience compared to other battle royale games on mobile.

You can see for yourself the difference between building houses, the environment such as grass, trees and soil, explosions, and much more clearly.

Moreover, this visual experience will evoke memories of nostalgia for veteran gamers who have played the Call of Duty franchise before.

Micro-transaction for Weapon Customization

Whether this is good or bad news, CoD: Mobile has micro-transactions that can be used to customize weapons. It must be admitted that almost all battle royale games always have micro-transaction features.

The question is whether this micro-transaction feature will make the fight unfair? The answer is yes or no. Yes, because currently there are no weapons or items that are really too much power.

For the record, there are weapons or items that can be purchased and are upgrading. Not because there are items that can add weapons attributes or status.

There is no Campaign Mode

Unfortunately, currently CoD: Mobile only provides a game mode for online multiplayer. There is no information yet whether this game will have a campaign mode like the previous Call of Duty series released on PCs and consoles.

Actually, the campaign mode is not necessary because in the future this game is intended as the next shooter game in the esports event. But providing a campaign mode option in this game will make it more varied than competitors who really only focus on multiplayer.

Whether it’s a solo campaign mode like in the CoD: Modern Warfare series or co-op in CoD: Black Ops III. This step is considered appropriate to restore the nostalgia of playing for veterans of the Call of Duty and provide a new experience for players who are really new to the Call of Duty franchise.

No Bluetooth Controller Support

One reason why this mobile game is highly anticipated is because of its support for the Bluetooth controller support. Android or iOS actually supports connection with a wireless controller via Bluetooth either through a PS4 or Xbox One controller.

However, this feature is no longer available in the latest application update where the controller column in the settings section has changed to others. It is unknown whether the loss of this feature is temporary or permanent.

The presence of controller support in several battle royale games on the mobile platform is reaping the pros and cons. Some say that mobile games are simply played as usual without additional devices.

It doesn’t hurt if CoD: Mobile wants to provide additional options to play using a controller because too many menu icons on the screen will make the game UI look full and ugly. What’s more CoD: Mobile has additional skills that are not in other games that will make the game screen more crowded with button icons.


CoD: Mobile presents a new experience for shooter games on the mobile platform because it has various multiplayer options and character classes with certain skills.

At the same time treat longing for veteran players from the Call of Duty franchise. In addition, players who have just played it can also feel the excitement of this one shooter game.

For you lovers of the mobile shooter and battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, you should try to play this game because there are so many war experiences that you cannot find in other games.

Minimum specifications for being able to play CoD: This mobile is a Snapdragon 625 chipset with 3GB RAM and Adreno 506 GPU.

For more maximum visuals, you should at least have a Snapdragon 660 chipset and 4GB of RAM and above. That’s the review of Call of Duty: Mobile.